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About Us

About Ds.Asort

Ds.asort is the first fashion direct selling company built in India with the aim of building the largest opportunity creating platform in India.

At DS.ASORT we take pride in encouraging millions of dreams by fulfilling their aspiration to be an entrepreneur. We are impacting over 7 Lakhs+ lives while fuelling their entrepreneurship spirit. We are promoting our Independent Business Owners to enhance their business skills.

Coupled with our quality products, we also support our Independent Business Owners with a robust learning programme designed to upgrade their business skills.Our team of experts delivers best training sessions to help and nourish the young talent.

Our 7 lifestyle homegrown brands- Ifazone, Mr. Huffman, Earthy Scent, Solasta, Kuefit, ABG and Amiiga have their own unique identity, offering the best quality lifestyle products. Ds.asort making a community of happy customers while providing the best lifestyle products for day to day life. We launch fashionable and comfortable fashion products every week because we believe that fashion and comfort complement each other.

Asort isn’t just a place where you buy fashion, it’s a lifestyle, and a massive community, a community of like minded, fun loving, stylish people. As a community we help each other grow.

Every dream matters and fulfilling each one is our dream!


Asort truly believes in working hard and party harder...

Asort as a company believes that every achievement deserves a reward and that too a big one. To motivate and inspire every community member, DS.Asort offers attractive rewards for the community members who achieve goals against their set targets. The rewards are not only to appreciate and value their dedication, hard work and positive approach as well as their personal growth too. Asort offers you the opportunity to earn luxury international travel experiences for you. From island hopping in Bali to adventurous activities in Dubai and from eternal nightlife in Thailand to pristine shorelines in Sri Lanka. At Asort, we celebrate each of your achievements of being a Marquis and to mark the success we reward you with an absolutely exotic International location.