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You must have been really excited to visit one of the most vibrant countries in the world- THAILAND!  Thailand has always been a hot sport of visitors who want to party hard, experience a new culture, get closer to nature and for all means, love water. There are hundreds of epic things to do in Thailand and a number of attractions to visit while you’re there. While so many people associate the country mainly with wild parties, delicious Thai food and crazy traffic which are all true but Thailand is much more than that.  

Dressing up right as per your destination, temperature and recent trends is equally important. 

We like you to travel with style everywhere you go, from beaches to late-night parties and from appreciating the culture to exploring the city, you should look as great as the country itself. So here’s your ultimate style guide for you and some stylish recommendations for you.

February is so-called “cold months” in India and other Asian countries when it’s especially nice to be in Thailand and explore it on foot as the weather is lovely. Being outside will not make you covered in sweat and the cold breeze won’t freeze you, and that’s a nice feeling. The temperature during the daytime will be above 20 degrees C (68 F) anyway so you can wear your spring or summer clothes and roam around carefree!

For Exploring the City Life

The best way to explore the city this time would be on foot and you have to be extra comfortable to do that. Get a pair of jeans and a crop top if that’s your go-to outfit for comfort. You can also slip into a short floral dress with casual footwear to give yourself a nice tourist look. Nothing can go with a Jumpsuit and it is indeed true when you’re traveling. Wear your favorite Amiiga outfit to save the day.  

For Beachy Vibes

Traveling to Thailand and not visiting any beach should be a punishable offense. Believe me, you don’t want to miss all the beach fun. Its time to get that sexy bikini out which you have been holding in your cupboard for so long. Throw a shrug over it and you’re good to go. In case you’re still doubtful about wearing a bikini then, wear this white beach dress and you’re welcome! P.S: Do not forget to get your big-sized hat and sunscreen along!

For Crazy Night Parties

Thailand is pretty famous in the world for its crazy night parties. Its time to look your best self and redefine your style with classy dresses. Slip your that little black dress and dance all night like nobody is watching. Who said jumpsuits are only for the daytime!? You can opt for a stylish one-shoulder jumpsuit and make the best of your night in Thailand. 

For Formal Conference Day

Looking sharp should always be at the top of the list while attending formal events. A formal outfit doesn’t only make you look professional but bring confidence in your personality. Find a formal business skirt and pair it up with a formal shirt. In case you feel more comfortable in new age formal pants more than skirts, pair the same shirt with your 

For Gala Dinner Night

The theme for this year’s Gala is regional so you have to wear clothes that define your culture and showcase other people where you come from. You can pick a saree and drape it in a particular style famous in your culture. From Bengali saree to Punjabi suit and from Banarasi saree to Manipuri dress, you have to bring your culture to the Gala and make it more diverse. 

I hope these style tips help you in your packing and you bring your A-game up high. The plan is to not make you look like you’re from there but to show that you belong there.

P.S: Cover up when you visit Thai temples: Upper arms, shoulders, and knees should be out of sight.

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