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The “Sin City of Asia” Thailand is the most visited country in the world. The city offers you unbeatable street food to the temples, markets and over-the-top luxury. How amazing this is! 

Dream World- Dream World has got a wide choice of interesting places, attractions and entertainments for big families and thrill lovers. There are many theme zones and each is designed in unique way. 

Underwater World- 100 m long tunnel built by the world-class engineers and you can have the experience to see the life under water. Deathly sharks and rays swim around dividing their pathways through the seawater, much to the delight of the observers. These water species will truly impress you with their amazing talents!

Thai food- The taste of Thai food will never go out in your mouth! And make sure to eat street food that will make your hunger double and stomach full with lots of good vibes! The most famous street food destination among Westerners is Sukhumvit Soi 38. 

The beauty of nature- The best place to enjoy the beauty of nature in Lumpini Park, located in the center of Bangkok. The atmosphere of the park will give you fresh vibes and peaceful time. You can go for the long walk in the park without releasing time. 

Wondrous Nightlife- Bangkok never goes to sleep and the trip will never be completed without enjoying their nightlife. They have incredible rooftop clubs, bar with a wondrous view. This experience will always stay in your memories. 

so if you are planning for a holiday this is the perfect destination to spend a good time. 

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