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Finding the perfect place for your wanderlust? Pattaya is a small city loaded with versatile joys. This city is located on the east coast of Thailand and one of the amazing tourist destinations in the world.

Pumped your mood with some cheerful vibes and a relaxed atmosphere. 

Bundle of Beaches: Pattaya has gorgeous beaches! You can spend the entire day and the beauty of the beaches will never fade in your memories. 

Pattaya Cabaret Shows: At Pattaya, you can go and watch Cabaret shows of Tiffany and Alcazar. These shows will imprint on your heart, Tiffany Cabaret shows are produced by talented ladyboys whereas Alcazar.

The nightlife of Pattaya- this city offers a crazy nightlife. If you are a party lover then this place surely turns to the dream destination for you. 

Pattaya floating market- This market is one of the major reasons to visit Pattaya. In the floating market, you will find traditional Thai crafts, produce sold from boats, waterfront shops and beautiful colours around. 

Delicious food-  With thousands of bars and many restaurants offering the most delicious and cheap food and the Thai food make you crazy. 

If you loved all these things pack your bag for unlimited fun and make endurance memories.

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