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Just like every story begins with a dream, passion & mission, Ds.asort came in life with the same!!

Our story began in the year 2011. Back then we were one of the first direct selling fashion companies in India with just 150 Independent Business Owners. Today, we are privileged to continue impacting and building over 700K+ Independent Business Owners. This story, not just witnesses the number of lives impacted but also is an example of the creation of 7 homegrown fashion brands to cater to different fashion needs of different customers. We take pride in being a company powered by youth & funded by talent as 70%  Independent Business Owners associated with us are from the age group of 19-26. 

Ds.asort is proudly built in India with the aim of creating a large number of opportunities for young India and fuelling their spirit of entrepreneurship. We’re on a mission to build the largest opportunity creating platform in India.

Inspired by the common practice of knowingly or unknowingly referral within one’s network, 21 years old Roshan Singh Bisht (Founder) started his entrepreneurial journey with an idea. His idea of the business was driven by the fashion-centric community. Based on a strong foundation of fashion & direct selling, Ds.asort seeks to build a platform driven by fashion and people. Through its direct sales platform, Ds.asort provides business opportunities to budding entrepreneurs in the field of fashion and lifestyle niche. 

Ds.asort works with a focus on the ‘human element’ of business. Over the years, we have created a wave of Independent Business Owners and made an impact in their lives by providing them with a lifestyle they always longed for. 

With 10K+ orders processed each day, 7 private label brands and 200+ fashion products launched every week, Ds.asort is truly making India fashionably & financially independent.

DS.Asort partners have access to a large selection of high-quality fashion and lifestyle products at special prices. DS.Asort’s seven private labels- Ifazone, Earthy Scent, Mr. Huffman, Solasta, Kuefit, ABG & Amiigacover multiple categories & fulfill the fashion needs of new young India. 

Ifazone– “Get into Basics”– Ifazone inspires people to keep it basic yet in style! The brand comes with the ultimate objective of enhancing the personality of the wearer by providing a clean range of men’s clothing with a play of finest fabrics & textures.

Earthy Scent – “Finest Indian Craftsmanship”– A brand that takes ethnic fashion-loving people a step closer to nature, promotes Indian crafts & textiles and transforms them into silhouettes & styles acceptable to the modern Indian men & women. 

Mr Huffman– “Classic Men Powerhouse”– Mr. Huffman is for men who understand class! A premium menswear brand is known for its meticulously and elegantly crafted apparel to add an extra dimension to the men’s closet.

Solasta – “Mix & Match”– The brand provides the right selection of footwear that defines the personality of the wearer. Solasta is the brand that oozes solace, glamour and style.

Kuefit– “Each Mile Matters”– Kuefit adds a dash of sporty spirit and athletic enchant clothing range alongside the maximum comfort. The brand covers all your athletics choices shrouded in supreme style.

ABG- “Own the Streets”– First Indian streetwear brand, deeply rooted in art with a motive to rebuild a new culture for Indian youth, ABG truly stands for its name, ‘Another Bad Generation’.

Amiiga – “Free Spirited”– Not just a women’s clothing brand but a friend you can hold onto your worst times & golden. Amiiga is a solution to your every dilemma & teaches you the value of being you.

All these brands are fun, interesting and inspired from the global trends

The Independent Business Owners associated with Ds.asort get access to the latest designs and trendiest styles at reasonable prices. Not only this, one can have another reason to be a part of Ds.asort vivid community because of our no-leather products policy as we’re strictly against animal products. All these brands provide no-leather products in order to keep our environment clean & safe!

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